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TODAY is the last day for applications.
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Request: My friend has a birthday coming up. I call him a gangsta. I was wondering if you can make a happy birthday gangsta icon for me. It can have like a birthday cake or like celebrities showing the gangsta sign or whatever. Please comment back if you have them! Thanks so much!:-) I appreciate your help!
Um, what? This isn't an icon or banner community.
I wanted to inform you that I'll be gone for five days (leaving in the morning), most of which I won't have any internet access. This means hada_del_hielo (Lauren) won't have access either, unless her computer gets fixed in my absence. If the competition starts, we'll be sure to catch up very quickly if allowed.

Thank you. Have a great 4th of July! :)
daaaamn could i possibly sneak an app in now? quickly?
i'm so bummed i didnt find out about this community earlier.